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jassylous cozy corner.

Call out my name(when you need a friend)

16 August
  • Brierton School - Hartlepool, England - County Durham, United Kingdom (1961 - 1965)
User name is Jassylou. You will find that my journal is solely about Ben Mckenzie at the moment. Other than Ben I enjoy talking about everything and anything.There are quite a few actors I like and enjoy talking about but none can hold a light to our Ben. The others are JOHNNY DEPP,MATT DAMON and HEATH LEDGER(R.I.P).I enjoy gardening I can't do much now as I am disabled following a brain haemmorage.I don't like people to feel sorry for me.I'm happy go lucky and I'll try anything once even twice if I enjoyed it the first time.I like popular music and can talk about it quite well.I must be one of the oldest supporters in the group,that enjoys heavy metal music and a variety of other stuff.I have a fascination for other countries especially for America,Australia and New Zealand. I'm interested in global warming.I'm not particularly into Politics.I went to a public High School and live in the UK.